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Provide a Fortune 500 level support experience to customers of your Startup, SaaS, or eCommerce platform, at a fraction of the cost. Global Outsourced Customer Service provided by best customer support agents.

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About Chatterborg

Chatterborg was born out of frustration with existing Customer Support companies who take customers for granted. Unprofessional responses, long wait times, and missed tickets are becoming a norm.

Gary Borg, who since childhood had entrepreneurial dreams, decided to convert this problem into an opportunity. Coming from Malta, known as “Nurse of Mediterranean”, Gary’s heritage taught him about the importance of staying human in communication.

He turned his heritage into his passion towards providing the absolutely best customer support, and set up Chatterborg, the global customer support company.

From Day 1, Gary believed in getting the best support agents, equipping them with the best tools, and setting up best processes to create a customer support system that absolutely delights the customers.

Chatterborg is now one of the most sought after Customer Support companies by Startups, Saas, and e-Commerce founders, who wish to provide a truly fantastic customer support experience to their customers, at a fraction of the cost.

Chatterborg Freshworks Certified Partner

Chatterborg has been selected as a Freshworks partner to empower your support teams with the right tools and improve customer experiences through Freshworks’s powerful Customer engagement suite of products. Chatterborg can help you find the exact set of tools you need to uplift your customer service. 


Helpdesk Consultation

With years of experience, Chatterborg can help you setup the best customer support helpdesk with the right tools and processes.

CRM Consultation

You want to get your organization on a CRM but not sure where to start? Chatterborg can help you implement CRM in a modular way.

Outsourced Agents

Absolutely best outsourced agents in industry to provide a multilingual, fast, 24*7 customer support.


Whether you are a startup who is thinking about providing the best support that your customers deserve, or you have a customer service helpdesk that needs fine tuning, we can help. Let’s set up a call so that we can understand your pain points and guide you how to get rid of them.


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