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We are a customer service consultancy that will make your customer service experience so good that each of your customers will become your organic walking advertisement.

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Why Us

Why businesses like your partner with us

Strategic Consultation

We provide consulting services to help identify opportunities to streamline business processes.

Integration Support

We as Freshworks partner and integration expert help you in integrating the right set of tools in your business.

Discounts on Freshworks

Chatterborg helps you get Freshworks services and products at a great deal.

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Let's Streamline Your Customer Support Processes

We partner with you to understand your existing customer support processes and identify the opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to simplify the process, automate repetitive steps, and help scale up your customer service activities.

We are Freshworks partners and identify the right set of tools for you. With the help of Freshwork’s customer support tools, we help you stay nimble but still responsive. 

We help you optimize your system for a seamless customer experience. You can bring together every customer conversation into a user-friendly and centralized interface, which further helps right and fast support to your customers.

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Business Plan
How We Help Businesses
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How We Help Businesses

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Find Areas of Improvement / Automation

Find Areas of Improvement

Recommend the right Freshworks tools

Provide all required

Provide Implementation and Training Support / Provide support when needed!

What are the Freshworks Products?

Freshworks CRM

Using Freshworks CRM into your organization, you can enjoy features like AI-based lead scoring, phone, email, activity capture, etc. It also helps you automate your marketing life-cycle end to end. It gives you better automation, faster conversions, and more sales


It is a customer messaging software that engages your customers everywhere – web, mobile, and social messengers and automates AI bots.


FreshTeam helps you with everything you need to make impactful HR decisions. It manages the hiring and onboarding process, maintaining employee
data, and HR workflows.
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Discount with Freshworks

Through Chatterborg, you will not only get stellar service with our support and consultancy plans. But you would also get a discount with Freshworks when buying into our services!


This Freshworks software modernizes your Business system and functions with easy and simple IT service desk solutions in the cloud.


With FreshCaller, you use a modern phone system to deliver services to many customers at once with less complexity and at a low cost.


Email clutters no more with Freshdesk! Automate, simplify, and clear tickets in a few moments! Bring customer satisfaction to their inbox or social media.

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Book a call with us today to find out how Chatterborg can help your cusotmer service today!

How it works


Understand Business Needs

Initial consultation to understand your customer support processes


Find Right Solution

Identify the right Freshworks products to automate and simplify your business when needed


Implementation Support

Help you in implementation of right set of tools and agents


Training & Support

Help you with training and on-going support

Our Clients

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

We provide consultancy to help you streamline your business processes and plan a strategy to automate your business.

Solution Implementation

Solution Implementation

Our team will also help you with the implementing process of these Freshworks solutions so that you can easily adopt these applications in your organization.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Based on your business model and needs, we identify the best Freshworks solution, services, and products that improve your business activities efficiency.

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Team Training

We train your team with everything that you need to automate your business with Freshworks products and services.

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” I think one of the greatest assets Chatterborg possesses among others is their ability to understand customer needs. Their ability to then combine business needs with resources and people he knows is unbelievable, it really allows businesses large and small a foot in the door to new industries and better contacts within their own industry as well.

 They really work with you and your business and think from a lens that helps you identify customer needs and sales opportunities. I have seen their customer sales experience skills firsthand and I can attest to their ability to putting customers first, providing them with detailed insights and answers while ensuring great PR and reputation management for the company they work with.

It has been truly a remarkable experience to work with Chatterborg and I think for me it is an experience that I will be continuing for years to come “

Abdul Mukati

Chief Executive Officer

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