About Us

Welcome to the world of support & customer care. We are Chatterborg

Who We Are

Chatterborg is a Malta based virtual call centre that focuses on helping businesses understand customer support and act upon improving their communications, sales and more much. 

Our Vision

Our Vision of Chatterborg is to help businesses realise how much customer support is needed in this day and age. After COVID 19 hit, remote work has skyrocketed and people have realised they need online customer care for products more than ever. Be it for physical or digital products. Chatterborg has been born during this pandemix to address this issue. However, it has been a long time dream for the founder, Gary, to set up this business. 

Meet Our Team

Gary Borg


Based in Malta with experience in various different hospitality fields, Gary is here to help you. 

Gary Borg


Anuja Mohan

Operations Manager

Anuja Mohan


Pankaj Kumar

Head of Sales

A post graduate diploma holder in Global Sales & Marketing Management with an experience of more than 20 years in sales and marketing.

Pankaj Kumar


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