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Chatterborg is one of the leading customer support consultants and Freshworks partners. We help you in identifying automation opportunities and crafting the solution to achieve the same

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Our vision

Our vision is to empower businesses who want to scale up their business, while adding simplification and automation to their customer support processes so that they can provide an awesome customer service experience, without taxing their team. We want to utilize various modern approaches to improve your business process efficiency, reduce costs, and generate new revenue opportunities while adding significant value to the end-user experience.

How We Benefit
Our Clients

Chatterborg helps businesses for the efficient and successful implementation of FreshDesk products. We follow the “train and trainer” model, where we as a trainer train you with all the FreshDesk products and services, suggest an appropriate solution, and help you integrate the new automation model into your organization.

Set-Up Business Objectives

Identifying most suitable Freshworks Products

Work out discounts with Freshworks

Help with Implementation

Product Testing and Training

End-user Support

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