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The only one that makes inbound support a 500 fortune type of business.

We provide customer service solutions that will make your customers want to come back. We are a team of professionals who know exactly how important it is for you and your business to be able to maintain good relations with the public, so we offer all our clients excellent support by providing them with tips on what they can do in order not only resolve issues faster but also keep their reputation intact.

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What do we Do?

At Chatterborg, our job is to help businesses like you upgrade your customer service game. We partner with you to identify bottlenecks in your customer support processes, identify opportunities for automation to remove mundane tasks, and integrate the right set of tools to improve the overall customer experience.

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Chat Support


What makes a company truly great? A board of directors with smart ideas and a strong understanding of the territory, or a customer service team that works around the clock to help you anywhere in the world? Both! That’s why we created Chatterborg.

With live support from qualified agents who are experts on your product, it’s easy to find the answer without doing all of your own homework. We work late nights and weekends because you deserve 24-hour support from people who know what they’re talking about.

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Ticketing Support


Chatterborg is the best way to get help when you need it most. You know when your product just doesn’t work? Well, with Chatterborg, you no longer have to be left in the dark wondering if there’s any chance of getting your problem solved.

With at least one expert emailing back within 48 hours and a team who thoughtfully answers all questions asked with qualified solutions, our streamlined service has what it takes to turn frustrating situations into shining moments for customer satisfaction in an instant. Don’t let negativity in life bog you down! Let Chatterborg fight alongside you today!


Phone Support


At Chatterborg, it is our duty to provide humans with a higher level of service and understanding when they most need it.

Creating tickets for your team to take care of might not sound like the phone support we want; but allow for this: Your team has an email and voicemail inbox that can go into overdrive without callers knowing they’re in the queue. When you use Chatterborg’s phone support with its skilled agents-personally trained with lots of expertise about your product, knowin’ how it works inside & out-it will make sure that callers hear back faster than ever before.

And because we know the power behind providing live usage responses over canned ones, you’ll be able to guarantee ’round the clock customer service.

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Team Member Training


We also train your customer support team regarding the new customer support processes as well as the tools to that they understand exactly how to run the show to give an awesome experience to the customers and utilize the tools to the fullest.

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Your best chance to make your customers happy. Get started today!

You can’t get any more time than right now. The world of business has shifted forever, and we at XYZ Co are here to help you keep up with it all! We offer live chat services if customer service is what you need; ticketing systems or phone lines so your callers won’t leave until they’ve reached success or a detailed action to their issue; plus everything else in between.

Benefits of working with Chatterborg

Here are some of the benefits of working with us. Want to know more? Book a meeting with us today!

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Great Training

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Detailed Time Sheet

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Great Data (Bug or CX)

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Process Based

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Your own Portal

We Identify Right Set of tools for you


We Provide Implementation Support


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