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Event Management

Need help with your first event or recurring event being created, managed, and more? We are here to help you do that!

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In-event Tech Support

Imagine being in a physical event. You are an attendee and you need help asking questions. Or, you're part of the event and you need help with an issue, Imagine us being your virtual usher for technical or event guides during the event.

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Don't know how to use Remo? We can help with that! We are the #1 experienced company out there. when it comes to Remo.

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Map Design

Would you like to have a particular map designed? 2D? 3D? Isometric? Pixelated? And more? We can do that!

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Advanced Streaming (Coming soon)

Thinking of doing a hybrid event and want to stream live as well as share to other social media? We can help you!

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Off-event Support

We've got your back. We know how to get people inside your event without being in it, so they can enjoy themselves without feeling lost, frustrated, or giving up!

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Standing By-Support

Don't want off-event or in-event? If you want us just for escalations by just calling or messaging us, we are here to do that!

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Different Tool sets for any job

They say a hammer is good for any job. But it also needs the nail to pinpoint its target. Just having the virtual conference software is not enough most of the time. We have a large selection of SaaS partners, which we can help you set up at an affordable price.

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When it comes to Remo and its virtual events, we are the most experienced company there is.  

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