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24*7 Live Chat Agents For Your Business

Live Chat is one of most important tools to gain new customers and retain existing ones.

Not responding to a chat in time can mean losing a potential customer to your competitors. Hire always available responsive Live Chat agents who can convert “Hello” into customers.

Why Should You Outsource Live Chat Support With Chatterborg

You get 24*7 Live chat agents without a need to hire multiple agents to cover multiple shifts / weekends.

Why Should You Outsource Live Chat Support:

  • You don’t have to spend money on recruitment, training, and ongoing office expenses; we take care of all that.
  • Start with as few Live chat agents as you want and then scale when your business grows.
  • No monitoring required, our supervisory team monitors and audits chats.
  • Experienced chat agents who know how to convert leads into customers and how to deal with disgruntled customers.
  • Any new lead is sent to you in real-time.
  • If you have e-Commerce or SaaS business, then a 24*7 support is critical to stop cart abandonment.

How To Outsource Live Chat Support?

  • Start by looking into your historical chat data to see how many chat requests you get per month on an average.
  • Based on that, we set up a Live chat support plan for you. When your business grows, you can upgrade the plan.
  • We look at prior chat transcripts to understand what type of questions your customers generally ask.
  • We also get a thorough knowledge of your products and services and then the agents are trained on that.
  • You are provided Live chat software to install on your website / app. From there on, our team takes care of the complete Live chat process.
  • You get monthly reports 

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