Outsource Email Support Service

Provide the best email support that your customers deserve

We provide best 24*7 email support service for your business. Our Multilingual Email support agents are trained to be responsive, intelligent and customer focused. From initial interaction to the final closure of the email ticket, every email is crafted to be customer-first.

62% of the customers prefer email support to communicate with businesses.

When customers want to contact a business, the first thing they look for is email or query form. Email gives opportunity to your customers to send their complete questions and attachments, and contact you from any part of the world.

Having a perfect email support team is crucial for providing fast and accurate responses to your customers.

Why Us?

Fast, Experienced, Reliable

Even though email is asynchronous, customers expect an almost instant and correct response. Chatterborg’s Email support team is experienced to handle the most complex of the email processes. Each outsourced email support agent is fully trained to quickly solve the precise problem that your customer is facing.

Knowledgeable about your business

We start by setting up a knowledgebase of your business, which includes FAQ, information about your products and services, and details that your customers need. In addition to that, each email support agent is trained about your business, processes, as well as culture. This ensures that each email reply is complete and correct.

Best in-class tools and reporting

Apart from professional email support agents, what sets our email support service apart are the integrated tools we use and the processes we set up. Every step in the entire email journey is logged to identify bottlenecks and improve responses and response times. Context aware systems ensure Email support agents have the relevant information at their fingertips.

Scales with your business

No need to keep underutilized agents on your team for your future needs; start with the number of email support agents your business needs now and add more agents as your business grows. This provides you a scalable and cost effective email support service.

Multilingual Email Support

If your business is global, so are your customers. We can provide multilingual email support agents that can answer emails in the languages that your customers speak. Provide a more personalized and local support experience to your customers.

It takes just one bad email to lose a customer

In this competitive era, it takes a lot of effort to get new customers and then continuous good work to retain them. But just one bad email can destroy all the good work. Retain your customers longer and reduce the churn with our professional cost effective email support service.

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