Outsourced Customer Support Agents

Multilingual, Vetted, Qualified, Provide the best damn support you want

Simply the Best Outsourced Customer Service Agents That your customers would love to talk to!

It’s quite difficult to be selected as a Customer Service Agent at Chatterborg. Every agent is handpicked from hundreds of applications, after following a rigorous testing process that includes Background check, knowledge of multiple languages, knowledge of the industry, ability to think on their feet, fantastic communication skills, and most importantly, empathy towards customers.

So when you outsource your customer service to Chatterborg, you know that it is truly in the best hands.

Outsourced Customer Services Our Agents Support

Live Chat

Our 24*7 Live chat customer service agents promptly answer messages, filter them based on priority, pacify customers to reduce churn, and upsell services. With a response time of a few seconds, your customers won’t feel they are in a queue.

Ticketing Management

Our Ticketing Support Agents are able to filter through tickets, assign them to agents based on established SOP, prioritize them based on criticality, forward to your team for further action, and follow up to ensure the ticket gets closed as per SLA.

Social Media Customer Support

Trained customer support agents who know how to engage customers on social media, pick up early signals of a brewing storm, grow the community, manage reviews on social media channels, and monitor social media 24/7.

SaaS Support

Superbly trained customer support agents to convert leads to customers of your SaaS and manage the entire customer life cycle. Grow your SaaS without growing your team. Start small and add more agents as your business grows.

eCommerce Support

Product questions, order questions, payment questions, complaints; our agents handle them all. Convert your marketing efforts into sales, and get less churn at a fraction of the cost.

Voice Chat Customer Support (Coming soon!)

A customer may reach out to support via different channels and receive conflicting answers. By using a helpdesk solution, businesses can ensure they have all the information in one place and agents have full context into previous queries or proposed solutions to ensure the information shared is correct and up-to-date.