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We help you solve critical customer support challenges by process optimization and integrating the right set of tools

What We Do

At ChatterBorg, our job is to help businesses like you upgrade your customer service game. We partner with you to identify bottlenecks in your customer support processes, identify opportunities for automation, and integrate the right set of tools to improve the overall customer experience.

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Our consulting is aimed at understanding your business needs and requirements. And based on your current business model and future opportunities, our expert team will help you design a strategic plan that will exponentially enhance the capabilities of your support team.

Solution Architecture

The next step is to identify the right FreshDesk tools in order to improve the existing customer support workflow. Our team will help you find the right FreshDesk products for your business that not only automate your business processes but also improve the user experience.

Solution Implementation

If you need any implementation help, we are here for you. We will help you adapt and set up the tools into your organization. Our trained team will take care of end to end implementation to perfectly optimize your customer support processes and get the best potential from the tools.

Team Member Training

We also train your customer support team regarding the new customer support processes as well as the tools to that they understand exactly how to run the show to give an awesome experience to the customers and utilize the tools to the fullest.

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Freshworks: Best Suite of Customer Support Tools

FreshDesk is a modern customer support Helpdesk solution designed to improve the end-user support system of your business. FreshDesk focuses on providing the right set of tools to cater to the different business needs. Using FreshDesk products and services, your business of any size can scale up the customer support experience easily, and can make its mark in this competitive environment.

Benefits of Freshworks

Smart Automation

Secure Helpdesk

Track Spent Time

Powerful Ticketing

Multichannel Support

Self-service Experience

Great analytics & Reporting

Increase Productivity

Our Plans

Trial Plan

$ 5 / Per month
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Standard Plan

$ 30 / Per month
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Unlimited Plan

$ 20 / Per month
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