Social Media Customer Service

Let your customers rave about your support, not the lack of it

Customers on Social Media Are Vocal

Brands spend a lot of time and money to establish themselves on social media to connect with their customers. However, when customers do try to connect with brands, they get a sub-par experience. Most of the brands are not able to respond to customers in time or manage the conversation adequately.

Every customer on social media is your public brand ambassador. When they get a favorable reply from their favorite brand, they tell everyone about it. And if they don’t, they tell everyone about that as well. What type of publicity you want is up to you.


Decrease in customer advocacy after customers fail to get a reply on social media

B2B Customers with high Customer engagement
scores achieve


Of the time brands are not able to respond to customers on social media

Chatterborg’s Social Media Support does not ignore your customers

Chatterborg’s Social media customer support puts customers first. We put systems in place to monitor all your social media channels for any DMs, Mentions, comments, app reviews, etc. Our trained Social media customer service agents respond to them promptly, in the manner best suited for that social media channel.

Our Social media support agents know how to show empathy to customers, how to engage them, and when to take the conversation offline. Most importantly, they are able to strike the fine balance between being a brand and being a friend.

Social media Channels we support

& many more upon request!

What We Do


Monitor All Social Media

Our tools monitor all social media channels for any brand mention and instantly alert our agents.

Establish Social Media Voice

We work with you to establish a brand voice on social media and all our agents use that.

Timely And Adequate Response

Our Agents quickly respond to all comments / DMs/ Help messages/ reviews  24*7

Escalation Procedure

We work with you to establish an escalation procedure in case something needs your attention

Let us Delight Your Customers on Social Media

With Chatterborg’s proven social media customer service, your brand will experience a new level of positivity on social media. Talk to us today to see how we turn your customers into your ambassadors on social media.